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September 18, 2007

iPod Touch Not Good for Podcast Listeners

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At least half of my time spent listening to audio on an iPod is consumed by podcasts. The iPod Touch is a step backwards for podcast listeners for the following reasons:

  • You cannot rewind or fast forward with fine granularity like you can on the click wheel based models. In fact you have to work harder on the touchscreen to do any sort of rew/ff than on a click wheel model even though you’ll get worse results.
  • Podcast descriptions are not available. I’ve read this is also true of the iPhone. Its unbelievable that Apple could miss something this simple.

These two items may not seem like a big deal but if you are in the habit of listening to podcasts in an environment where you are frequently interruped and have to do short rewinds then you’ll likely find the iPod Touch interface a big hassle in this area.

Because the display truncates titles after about 25 characters and because most podcasts put useful info in the description, you need to be able to see the description to know the topic of a podcast.   Using an iPod Touch, you have to review this info in iTunes and remember it.   For the cost of this device and its impressive features, its inexcusable to have to lose functionality around podcasts.

Less important to me but worth nothing is that video podcasts don’t play video when accessed via the podcast menus.  They’ll play audio but to see the video you have to navigate to them via the video menu.  This means you can’t quickly play new video podcasts via the ‘recently added’ playlist.  Not sure if this is also true of the video iPod.


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